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Processing of warranty claims
And if something goes wrong anyway?

Despite our high quality standards, products may prove to have unforeseen defects or deficiencies in isolated instances.

But you don’t need to worry – we won’t abandon you! We will make good if scuffed or damaged paint work we will be happy to send you a paint touch up kit. Please send photos of paint damage.

We have a Service work shop in Kent , any machine purchased from us can be returned during the warranty period or after the warrenty period for service and repairs. Please note any Jansen machine is a parts only warranty, our workshop can repair the problem however the labour and logistics will be to the cost of the customer.

Spare parts available.

Products purchased from us carry a 24-month warranty. ( 12 months in the event of commercial use) In the case of a defect, we will provide you with fast, unbureaucratic assistance. The procedure to follow is described below:

Please notify us of the defect by email (Woodmanstore@gmail.com ). It is always helpful for us to receive a few photos illustrating the problem! Please also provide your telephone number so that we can call you back.

We will contact you within 24 hours (on weekdays) to discuss all the details. Depending on the extent of the problem, one of two possible procedures will then be implemented:

Scenario 1

The problem is caused by a single faulty part which can easily be replaced.

In situations like this, we send you the required spare part by DHL parcel service so that you can substitute it yourself. You may receive a pre-paid return label for returning the faulty part to us.

We will of course clarify with you beforehand whether replacing the part yourself is a feasible option.

Scenario 2

The defect relates to the product as a whole and cannot be resolved by means of simply replacing a part.

In this extremely unlikely event, we will arrange for the product to be collected by a freight forwarder, repair the defect at our specialist workshop and return the product to you after testing or send you a new replacement product via freight forwarder.

In this case, you will need to strap the product to a pallet for transportation by the freight forwarder. The handling process takes around one week.

We regret that we cannot bear any costs incurred due to product downtime.

“Jansen is a parts only warranty’, all cost for return logistics will be for the csutomers cost.

In the case of warranty claims, we do of course bear all costs incurred! When in doubt whether warranty cover applies, we always decide in FAVOUR of the customer. Goodwill towards our customers is one of our top priorities.

Even in cases where it is obvious that the defect is not covered by warranty, we endeavour to offer affordable solutions based on not charging for labour, but only for the spare parts themselves.

Always there to sort out problems !

Please note : its sent for repair/ or service  we will hold for 30 days, if payment not made for the repair/parts/ service we will sell to cover costs for outstanding work and parts on the machine.

Please Note : Goods / machines returned for repair if not settled  within 30 days of repair , you the customer will be authorising us to sell the goods to recover the invoiced cost, as well as any relevant storage costs,  there has been reasonable time to reclaim the items,  attempts to contact the customer have been made by email .  The goods will be sold at the market price to recover costs.

How Woodman Store Works

  1. Find what you want on the web site.
  2. Feel free to ask questions by phone or email.
  3. Order online.
  4. Pay, using our secure payment page.


    We will send you a confirmation email and tell you when your order will be dispatched.

    Please allow between 7 – 10 days for delivery

    All items come with a guarantee and if defective we will arrange the item to be collected and repaired at the manufacturers.

    If any items are damaged in transit, you can refuse delivery or make a note on the delivery document that the item is damaged and we can then get compensation for this from the transport company.

    Please note items sent to Ireland, Malta, and Cyprus are subject to a surcharge, we will get a quote for you from a carrier and give you the best price possible. Please email us prior to placing the order to avoid confusion.