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Winch/hoist Electric 800KG 230V


Prices incl. VAT
Shipping Cost: £ 40
Delivery: 4-10 days

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The ideal tool for lifting heavy loads for:

  • the workshop
  • garage
  • the Warehouse
  • in agriculture and forestry
  • in crafts
  • in the industry
  • in gardening and landscaping and many other areas

Other highlights:

  • Hand operation
  • Mechanical transmission brake holds the load even when you turn
  • Automatic emergency stop in rope
  • Easy and fast assembly direct wall -mountable or mounted on a special holder
  • Please see the pictures


Please note the girder system is not included in the price, we can supply you a girder for £35 + £10 postage, All you need is a place to fix this too!

Technical data:

PA 800 Control with 3m TV Cable Single drawing With pulley

400 kg
800 kg

Not self-rotating steel rope CK 45
5.1 mm
5.1 mm

Tensile strength of the rope
> 2,000 kg
> 2,000 kg

Maximum lifting height

(cable length)12m 6m

Average Lifting speed

Average Lowering
9.6 m / min
4.8 m / min

Gearbox Material the gears

Grease type CK 40 EP <01>

Electric Motor Performancem Current consumption Protecting group  Isolation of

1,300 watts

230V / 5.7 Amps

IP 54 KL

S3 20% -10 min

weight 25kgs