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Two-way thermal release valve SYR 5067 – 3/4 “Pressure Reducing Valve + Check Valve [SYR 5067]


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Two-way thermal release valve

Field of application: 

The thermal safety of combination type 5067 prevents excess Temperatures in solid fuel fired boilers. This protective device can be attached to solid fuel boilers without integrated hot water storage vessels. 

Installation and function: 

The thermal safety of combination includes The Following components (in direction of flow): check valve (1), Pressure Reducing Valve (2), temperature activated inlet valve (3), temperature activated valve outlet (4), temperature probe (5). Connect the inlet of the thermal safety of combination to the water supply. The outlet of the inlet valve leads to the heating return line. Connect the radiator supply line to the outlet valve of the thermal safety of combination. The outlet of the inlet valve leads through the integrated tundish to the drain. Install the temperature probe at the hottest spot, preferably in the upper part of the boiler. Only use the immersion sleeve enclosed in the delivery to the ensure correct temperature measurements. Set the Pressure Reducing Valve is a pressure below the Highest admissible operating pressure of the heating system in order to Prevent a response of the diaphragm pressure relief valve, Which is imperatively required for the protection of the boiler against excess pressure. When the temperature Exceeds the set response temperature, Following the operational sequence is started: The seat of the inlet valve opens at a temperature of about 90 ° C in order to keep the pressure stable in the heating system. The outlet valve opens at 97 ° C. When the outlet valve is opened, hot water is drained from the heating system and cold water can enter from the supply pipe, Which will cool down the boiler. When the boiler temperature has dropped to 94 ° C, the outlet valve closes. The Pressure Reducing Valve ensures with the inlet valve still open That the heating system service Operates at correct pressure. When the temperature has reached 87 ° C, the inlet valve closes.

SYR 5067

Thread : 3/4 inch  

Usage: For boilers with nominal power up to 100 kW

Max. Operation temperature : 135 for C

Operational pressure of the Pressure Reducing Valve :
1.2 bar (setup of the manufacturer)
Max. inflowing water pressure : 16 bar

Min inflowing water pressure : 2.3 bar
Release valve open temperature :

filling valve : 90 for C 0 / -2 for C

discharging valve : 97 for C 0 / -2 for C


Release valve temperature close :

filling valve : 88 for C 0 / -2 for C

discharging valve :   94 for C 0 / -2 for C


Capillary tubing : 1300 mm - standard length

Weight : 1.5 kg


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg