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Two-way thermal release valve Regulus DBV


Prices incl. VAT
Shipping Cost: £ 20.00
Delivery: 4-10 days

Opening temperature: 100 for C (0 for C -5 C)

Max. temperature: 120 for C Max. pressure in the boiler: 4 bar Max. pressure of the cooling water:

6 bar (Pressure reduction Might Be Necessary) Nominal water flow for Δ p 1 bar: 1.8 m 3 / h:

The process of installation can only be Carried out by a qualified person. For the proper Functioning of the two-way thermal release valve (DVB), it is CRUCIAL to be in accordance with the Conditions of installation and the correct direction of water flow marked on the valve body. The valve is always mounted on the hot water exit pipe or Directly on the boiler in its upper part where heated water flows out. During the installation of the DBV valve - on the water flow or in the boiler - make sure the Thermostatic That part of the valve is completely dipped in the ¾ "aperture.

After having mounted the valve in the aperture, connect to the "C" part of it (picture 1) a pipe Which will lead the Overheated water into the sewer. Into the "A" part of the valve connect the cold water public system Which will cool down the boiler in case of the valve operation. It is important to install a filter valve in the pipe leading the cold water, So that it will protect the valve from dirt. This is the "B" part of the valve connect a pipe That will be led to the water return near the boiler (picture 2).

The valve can be installed vertically or horizontally. Important is, to direct the hot water exit "C" down to the ground for horizontal montage.The valve can not be installed with the head down.

Anti-pollution non-return valve installed Should Be on the fresh water connection.