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SPECLINE battery module 12V/42Ah


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UPS protects the devices that are connected to it against grid power outages, voltage drops, and prevents damage that is caused by surges in the power grid. SPECLINE UPS by EVER is primarily designed to protect central heating boilers, pumps and water jacket fireplaces. UPS offers longer duty time by adding additional Ever battery packs.


• the CLEAR DIGITAL SINUS system generates an input voltage with a perfect sinusoidal shape. This solution offers more opportunities to connect devices that are sensitive to the supply voltage waveform, e.g.: laboratory equipment, telecommunication devices;
• synchronisation with the mains;
• “cold start” – the unit can be started without being connected to the mains;
• discharged battery sound indication;
• intelligent charging method Cool Battery Charging (CBC), which extends battery life - a novel charging method using the components of the internal inverter;
• microprocessor control of all parameters;
• overload resistance;
• short circuit protection;
• system of passive mains filters;
• possibility of connecting up to three battery module or a car battery
• with a capacity up to 150 Ah;
• convenient and universal method of cable connection

Technical Parameters

Maximum output power: 400 W
Rated output power: 200W
Working temperature: 0 ÷ +350C
Dim. (height x width x depth) 376 x 209 x 119mm
Weight: 17 kg
Voltage/capacity of the battery pack: ~ 12V/6 x 7Ah = 42 Ah
Battery pack (42Ah) charging time (to 90% of capacity): 10h
Output voltage waveform: Sine

Additional information

Weight 17 kg