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Pressurised expansion vessel for central heating DUKLA B type 12l – up to 6 bar


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Pressurised expansion vessel is a protective element for closed central heating systems That compensates changes of liquid volume changes at the temperature.

Principle and Functioning of ap ressurised enable expansion vessel:

  • compensation of changes of liquid volume at the temperature changes
  • maintenance of water pressure in heating systems for specific parameters
  • Conditions for optimization of heat distribution without heat loss
  •  autogenous water supplementation in case of Losses Caused by minor leakages

Pressure expansion tanks are Constantly Delivered with set-up pressure of the gaseous part. This part is a set-up to the operation pressure Corresponding During the installation of the expansion tank in the heating system, however, the minimum Shall be 0.5 bar.

These tanks can be used in heating systems at the temperature level up to 110 º C.

In a system with ap ressurised expansion vessel at least one safety valve, pressure gauge and thermometer have to be mounted.


Type Volume 
Diameter D
Dimension H
 B 12 8 270 290 3/4 " 5.5


Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 29 cm