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Hygienic combi tank GALMET Multi-Inox 1500


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Accumulation tank Multi-inox with stainless steel coil for domestic hot water made of helically corrugated steel pipe. Accumulation tanks fully cooperate with wood boilers, boilers for pellets, gas and oil boilers. Coil made of helically corrugated steel pipe guarantees hygienic preparation of hot water.

Thanks to low temperature in the bottom part of Accumulation tank it's possible to have cold water at return to solar collector, and thus more effective use of sun energy. Coil made of helically corrugated steel pipe under the inside pressure is self-cleaning. Swirls inside tank prevente of deposition stone on the surface.

Large heating surface of coil in higher temperature scale of heating factor (central heating) provides high performance of hot water, while coil in lower temperature scale provides pre-heating water and cooling down the tank.


Product Specification:

Boiler water capacity 1387 l
Weight (without isolation) 330 kg
Maximum boiler water temperature 90 °C
Maximum pressure for boiler water tank 0.3 MPa
Maximum temp. of domestic hot water - SPIRAFLEX 90 °C
Max. pressure in domestic hot water coil - SPIRAFLEX 0.6 MPa
Capacity of SPIRAFLEX domestic water coil 48 l
Size of SPIRAFLEX domestic water coil 6.95 m²
Water flow 45 l/min
Height 2665 mm
Diameter (without isolation) 900 mm
Diameter (with isolation) 1100 mm
Isolation 100 mm
External Enclosure skay
Boiler connections 1 1/2 inch
Domestic hot water connections 1 1/4 inch
Solar circuit (inlet/outlet) 1 inch
Central heating circuit (inlet/outlet) 1 inch
Muff (heater) 1 1/2 inch
Sensor connection 1/2 inch
Release 1 inch

Additional information

Weight 330 kg
Dimensions 266.5 cm