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FCH 45 Industrial Water Fan Coil Heaters for pellet and wood burning boilers, Gas, or Oil (Copy)


Prices incl. VAT
Shipping Cost: £ 75.00
Delivery: 4-10 days

Woodmanstore Fan Coil Units (FCH) provides uniform heating for large areas in such applications as warehouses, greenhouses, factories and showrooms. They are available in 15 models with nominal heating capacities ranging from 23kW up to 186kW.

The units offer low installed cost and are able to heat large volume areas without extensive duct systems. They are energized by hot water produced by a boiler or some type of central water heating device.


Casing made of hot - dip galvanised steel sheets, powder coated to prevent corrosion
Adjustable deflection aluminium grilles
Heating coils from copper tubes and corrugated aluminium fins.
Axial fans, fully balanced, with anti-vibrating mounting, protection grill and IP54 external rotor 4 or 6-pole motors.
Low operating noise levels.
Attractive grey finish
FCH 100, 120 & 160 can be connected with duct.
TypePower Performance Motor Power cons.Fan Charact.Air SypplyCoil
K CA: 60,000
kW : 69.77
WATT: 1 X 370
FAN : 350mm round x 33
Air Supply : 7,500m2/h
Coil: 40x100x18