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Complete insulated double coated chimney (diameter: 140 mm. 0,8 mm)


Prices incl. VAT
Shipping Cost: £ 100
Delivery: 4-10 days

Please note this kit is for a external installation, if you want us to quote on internal please email or call.

length increase :  635lm = + £220

725lm = + £300

Please calll if you need a longer chimney 4.55lm is good for a bungalow.

The chimney consists of:

  • pipes
  • tee 87°
  • complete washout hole
  • mouthpiece
  • insulation ending
  • clamps
  • clamping rings


The components of the two-wall insulated chimneys are made of:chimney insert made from acid-resistant metal sheet (grade 1,4404)

  • thermal insulation made from special type of mineral wool (50mm thick and around 100kg/m³ dense)
  • the outer jacket of the insulated chimney is made from acid-resistant metal sheet (1,4301 gloss)


Insulated chimneys are meant for fumes transportation from devices heated with gas, oil and ecological solid fuels. The chimneys are fitted by means of special clamping rings (attached to elevations of buildings, boiler rooms, etc.) or by means of independent supporting constructions.

Should you find it comparatively difficult to choose the chimney appropriate for your needs, give us a call or send us an email. Our specialist team will do their best to help you make the right choice.

Product Specification:

Inner diameter 140 mm
Corrosion resistance Vm
Max temperature 450 °C
Outer diameter 230 mm
Inner metal sheet thickness 0.8 mm
Outer metal sheet thickness 0.5 mm
Norm EN 1856-1:2009