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Chimney Fan Zider 150mm for wood boiler or wood burner, extraction ventilator


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Chimney Fan Zider 150mm for wood boiler or wood burner ,extraction ventilator

Exhaust Kit includes:

  • housing
  • fan

ZIDER's task is pumping the exhaust gases from the boiler and preventing smoke filled boiler room.

The exhaust fan is useful during the process of firing up the boiler, because it supports the natural chimney draft. Another feature is to prevent the escape of exhaust fumes into the boiler room at the moment of adding fuel (door opening).

Parametry techniczne wentylatora


Rotation engine speed 2780 trn/min
Absorbed power 68 W
Inlet-outlet diameter 150 mm
Weight 14 kg
Max temperature 350 °C
Max fan efficiency 450 m3/h
Warranty 2 Years

Additional information

Weight 14 kg