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Black Tools 42 Standard PTO Shredder/Wood Chipper Non Roller Feed.


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Black tools have launched its range of economical PTO wood chippers, that come in a standard version with no Hydraulics which is the smallest model the BX42, a disc with 4 blades and a counter blade this size can handle material up to 5" (softwood) otherwise ideal for hedging and conifers a tractor with at least 25HP can be used however must be able to hold between 540RPM and 700RPM.
The BX42 can be used on any tractor up to 100 HP. No hydraulics are required for this model. The chute for this model is 60" , and can be directed in any direction, this has a flap that can be lowered or raised to change the direction of the flow of chippings.  The vacuum created when the chipper is running at the correct RPM will eliminate any chance of a blockage.  We have sold hundreds of this model throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland over the past 5 years. Please see some of the feedback we have had back on this model. A well-built model, that will give the user years of use, the blades are transverse, so can be used again and again. 

PTO Tractor BX-42S Wood chipper/shredder, Black Tools UK brand

The BX-42 Standard is a basic wood chipper/shredder driven by a PTO shaft. (non-roller feed) there are no hydraulics required for this model. The Tool comes complete with a PTO Shaft, this model is suitable for tractors over 20hp. A range of between 540RPM and 700RPM to achieve the best results.

Model BX42 wood chipper
Drive System Direct drive, PTO w/ shear bolt
HP requirements for max. cap. 35-40
HP Range 18-50
Chipper Capacity 4" Dia. (max. 12" slab)
Chipper Housing Opening 4"x10"
Rotor Size 25"
Number of Rotor Knives 4
Knife Type Hardened tool steel
Rotor Weight 110 lbs.
Feeding System Feed Self Feed
Mounting System 3 Point Hitch
Dimensions (Hopper Folded) 40"L x42"W x 60"H
Hopper Opening 20" x 20"
Discharge Hood Rotation 360°
Discharge Hood Height 60"
Rated RPM 540-1000
Weight 425 lbs.(195KG)


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Weight 195 kg