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Black Tools 2000 LTE 15HP Loncin Wood Chipper/Garden Shredder 4″, 12cm”


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Black tools UK Brand 2000GTE PRO,  15hp, Key start " new upgraded model" PRO shredder , wood chipper is a good choice for commercial operations and for larger properties, Its Robust construction and solid appearance makes this a chipper of choice. The powerful Loncin 15 HP 420cc petrol motor  gives you complete independence from the power grid so that the shredder can be used in remote locations.  The engine is equipped with a recoil-starter and key starter .   Equipped with a high rotary ejection chute,  you can discharge the chippings directly onto a trailer.  You can feed branches of a maximum diameter of 12 cm into the feed hopper. The 2000GTE 15hp feeds material into the shredder itself with formidable power,  the 2 rotating blades which rotate on the heavy barrel and run against a counter blade. The barrel blades can also be turned and can be used a second time, giving extra life on the blades. The throw distance can be set at the ejector itself, making it easy to control when filling a trailer or bags with mulch/wood chips.

The Black 2000GTE 15 hp comes with a tow bar , so the chipper can be towed with ease to any remote location. The tow bar can be removed and there is a solid stand that makes it easy when in use and when it comes to storage. The GT 15hp shredder is maintenance-friendly. Parts such as blades, counter blades, etc., are easy to get to. In a few easy steps you can remove the whole hopper in order to gain better access to wear parts. The bearings are also equipped with grease nipples. Please note this machine is not road legal and no safety chain fitted.


  • Recoil Start/ Key Start.
  • Loncin Engine 15HP , 420 cc four strokes , 15-40kw oil approx. 1.0 litre
  • Power petrol engine, standard unleaded.
  • Chipper Capacity 4CBM/hour to 6CBM/hour
  • Wood Diameter diameter120mm, Permitted wood width 310mm
  • Chipper Blade twin reversible blades
  • Tire 6.5-8,4.0-8,4.8-8 6.5-8,4.0-8,4.8-8
  • Overall Height 1150mm
  • Overall Length 1800mm
  • Width 800mm
  • weight 185kgs 190kgs
  • Roller Max RPM 2000


The 2000GTE 15hp  Black chipper is delivered in a wooden crate. You should allow approx. 1 hour for final assembly. Assembly is straight forward you need approx. 1.5 litre of engine oil for the engine.  We recommend multi-grade oil of classification 10W40 or 15W40. Assembly instructions and an instruction manual are included.  We also offer  a full assembly service for £50 a chipper this will come ready to use , just add the oil and fuel. , please give us a call if you require this service.

2 year warranty, UK service centre,  Wood chipper can be collected by appointment. We can assemble the wood chipper there will be a additional cost of £50 for this service .

Additional information

Weight 190 kg
Dimensions 180 × 80 × 115 cm