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3-way thermic mixing valve ESBE VTC 511 60/25 mm (for wood gasifying boilers)


Prices incl. VAT
Shipping Cost: £ 12
Delivery: 4-10 days

Opening temperature: 60 °C


  • Internal thread 1" = 25 mm

Pressure class: PN 10
Temperature of medium: 
0-110 °C
Max. differential pressure: 100 kPa (1,0 bar)
Max. differential pressure A-B: 30 kPa (0,3 bar)
Rangeability Kv/Kv min: 100
Kvs: 9


  • Valve body and cover: Nodular iron EN-JS 1050

Dimension (see the picture at the bottom of the page):
A = 
93 mm
B = 34 mm
C = 69 mm
D = 47 mm

The ESBE series VTC500 is a thermic 3-way valve designed to protect the boiler from return temperatures that are too low. Maintaining a high and stable return temperature means a higher level of boiler efficiency, reduced tarring and increased life span of the boiler. The VTC500 valve is used in heating applications up to 150 kW where solid fuel boilers are used to feed storage tanks. The valve is installed either in the return pipe to the boiler (50°C, 55°C, 60°C, 70°C or 75°C) or in the accumulation tank feeding pipe (70°C or 75°C). The first alternative is recommended as it offers a simpler pipe layout for expansion.

The valve regulates on two ports, which makes it easy to install and does not require any adjustment valve in the bypass pipe. The function of the valve is independent of its assembly position. The valve contains a thermostat which begins to open the connection A at 50°C, 55°C, 60°C, 70°C or 75°C and opens the connection fully as it reaches a 10°C higher temperature.

Maximum 50% glycol for freezing protection and oxygen absorbing compounds are allowed as additives. As both the viscosity and the thermal conduction are affected when glycol is added to the system water, this fact has to be considered when dimensioning the valve. When 30 - 50 % glycol is added, the maximum output effect of the valve is decreased by 30 - 40 %. A lower concentration of glycol may be disregarded.